In the current economic climate, companies are struggling to get the right employees into the right jobs. The hospitality sector is suffering from a staffing crisis that is linked strongly to the impact of Brexit on the industry. However, when we look at the current rate of youth unemployment, an obvious solution seems to present itself. By the end of 2017, nearly 800,000 people aged 16-24 were not in any form of employment, education or training. The reasons for such high levels of unemployment amongst the younger demographics include a lack of available roles in niche professions, resilience to work in a different field to their training, and lack of opportunities to get a foot in the door.

Why the Hospitality Sector?

Despite often being perceived as a temporary stop-gap, the hospitality sector offers huge potential for young professionals at all levels. The current level of unemployment amongst the 18-24 demographic matches closely the number of jobs that will be needed over the next five years in hospitality management. This growing need for employees in the hospitality sector opens up a whole new avenue of opportunity for young job-seekers over the next few years. The diversity of the industry means that there are roles available to match all abilities and skill-sets. From frontline and customer service positions to clerical and business operation roles, the sector offers so much more than just a stop-gap for young people. An influx of youth into the hospitality industry would be mutually beneficial for both employers and employees. Apprenticeship programmes and industry training will allow young people the opportunity to enter the industry. It will also provide them with further opportunities for ongoing rewarding careers. Meanwhile, businesses within the hospitality sector will be able to fill essential positions and secure a pipeline of employees. The British Hospitality Association has launched a nationwide initiative to promote the opportunities available for young people within the hospitality industry. This is called The Big Hospitality Conversation. They have partnered with various businesses and organisations. They have also brought together influential industry leaders to promote hospitality as a career option, encourage apprenticeships and work experience, engage with government and address youth unemployment.

What Next?

The statistics speak for themselves! More needs to be done to recruit younger employees into the hospitality industry. The current youth unemployment rate could be drastically reduced if there was more opportunity for young people to enter into a career in hospitality. There are thousands of eager job-seekers that are highly skilled and ready to learn. It is important that they are made aware of and allowed a way in to the incredible opportunities that await them in hospitality.  

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